Tina is the agency’s “hub of the wheel,” managing the flow of work on each and every project that moves through ROI.

Prior to joining ROI in 2007, Tina spent more than 10 years in the printing industry, juggling the myriad details and schedules of multiple jobs for a diverse group of clients. She is buttoned down and detail-obsessed, and so keeps her people and everyone on every account team on top of all 17 timelines, “to dos” and “must haves” for every job in, ensuring that final, client-approved work is trafficked to the media in proper form and in a timely manner.

We never miss a deadline, and that, more than anything else, says worlds about Tina’s immense and immensely successful contribution to our on- and offline advertising effort.

Tina Ashkouri


T 703 813 5643 x238

Tina's Top 10

  • Justin and Domino
  • Dark chocolate
  • Traveling
  • The beach
  • Spicy food (the more spice, the better!)
  • Volunteering
  • Horror movies
  • Excellent customer service
  • Hiking
  • Kindness