Liam Kenney is the kind of guy that a lot of guys dream of being.

A “car guy” pretty much since the age of five, he knows cars inside and out, in the fast lane and under the hood.  He can tear the engine out of an old, Alfa Spider, fix it up and drop it back in a well-oiled machine, ready to rock and roll.  

And, he can drive it like a pro, too. Starting at age 16, he was an established and rising star in the glamorous, international world of motorsports, racing Formula One-type cars on Europe’s Formula Masters circuit.  After many years of competitive driving, and now in his mid-twenties, Liam has transitioned his “up close and personal” relationship and experience with all things automotive into a successful career in strategic, automotive retail marketing and sales. 

ROI spotted him based on his successes, working with a number of Dallas area dealerships to drive their digital marketing successes. Now, as Executive Automotive Account Director for ROI South and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Liam leads the agency’s efforts to develop, support and grow ROI’s already-impressive portfolio of domestic and foreign, auto dealership accounts in the southern United States.

Liam J. Kenney

Executive Automotive Account Director,
ROI South


LIAM's Top 10

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Cars
  • Photography
  • Vinyl/LPs
  • Concerts
  • Arcades
  • Initial D
  • Mountains
  • Desert aesthetics