Elliot is a marketing and media professional specializing in media research, planning and effectiveness measurement. Elliot feels strongly that the right media thinking goes a long way toward making good creative successful. Simply put: regardless of how great any campaign’s creative executions might be, if the creative isn’t delivered to the right audiences, in the right media, at the right time, it’s unlikely to succeed. Great creative is founded on a great media program. That’s where Elliot comes in.

Prior to founding ROI in 1996, Elliot had originally joined forces with David in the agency business in the late '80s and also served in a variety of senior marketing executive positions with major retail corporations, including print advertising director for the Macy’s/Bamberger’s organization. With responsibilities for some $55 million in annual advertising expenditures — much of it in direct marketing — Elliot came away from the experience steeped in an appreciation for the value of data management and analysis as measurably effective means for honing targeting and messaging. The result has been leadership work in the development of our abilities to empower client direct marketing with increasingly predictive success.

Elliot Dalberg

Principal, Executive Media Director
T 703 813 5643 x222

Elliot's Top 10

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