ROI Spotlight: The 2014 Danaher Annual Report

A Fortune 150 company, Danaher Corporation has worked with ROI for many years to create and produce its annual report; the company’s essential, once-yearly report to its many thousands of shareholders on its global business and world-changing work it does.


The focus of the 2014 annual report was on how people benefit from the innovative products that companies under the Danaher umbrella create. Large, slice-of-life, journalistic-style photos are balanced with minimalist,clean, typographic layouts to illustrate the positive, difference-making impact that Danaher has on people’s lives globally.


The 2014 Danaher annual report—created by ROI—has an embossed cover with the Danaher logomark. The negative space created from the logomark displays employee photos through a die-cut window, further underscoring Danaher’s success as embodied in its people. The entire annual report was printed on silk cover and text, with a metallic blue ink and dull aqueous coat.