The National Football League (NFL)

NFL Toolkit

The NFL is one of America’s premier, professional sports leagues. While ROI was the Washington Redskins’ direct marketing agency, the NFL retained us to create, produce and deploy branded media for the launch and rollout of its new, “Extra Points™ Visa® rewards credit card. Fans using the Extra Points™ card acquire points for every dollar spent. Points then are redeemed for NFL- and team- related experiences and team merchandise. ROI’s mission was to create a comprehensive, “promotion in a box” for marketing Extra Points™; providing each NFL team with easily customizable, on- and offline media for use in promoting Extra Points™ card sign-ups in their home markets.

The Response

ROI responded with the award-winning, Extra Points™ Toolkit, featuring branded-yet-customizable (by team), digital and print-ready materials needed to excite, educate and sell prospects on the program and the card. All media creative was provided with simple instructions and digital art files for all jobs, enabling quick, hassle-free production of advertising materials.

The Result

Per ROI’s client at the NFL, Erica Klair, the Extra Points™ card program launch was a “huge success.” In the program’s first six months, more than 100,000 new, Extra Points™ cardholders were acquired by the individual teams and the NFL.

ROI delivers. Their direct marketing work for the Redskins on suite sales and the intro and sales of the then-new, Tailgate Club, underscored many successes. And, ROI’s authorship of the NFL’s “Extra Points™” Visa® card marketing platform helped the League and every one of its 32 teams kick off the promotion with great success that continues to this day.
— Jason Baum, former Vice President, Marketing, the Washington Redskins