What’s the true measure of an agency’s performance?

While some may start by telling you how many awards they've won, we think that’s sort of bass-ackwards.  Because, while awards are nice, truly great creative is work that measurably works! It (1) is strategically conceived and executed with signature images and messages; (2) demands and harvests positive, branded, target audience attention and interest and (3) drives the desired, prequalified traffic to our clients’ stores, websites and positions.

So in the final analysis, we believe that truly great creative is creative that delivers against it marketing goals with measurable success, helping clients capture the eyeballs, earballs, imaginations and proactive engagement that sell the merchandise, services and/or positions they offer. Based on that, we think the smartest way to measure how well ROI does what it does is to look at the clients we’ve worked for, work for now and for how long. Because, however much an agency’s people are liked, no client keeps an agency that doesn’t deliver.  And, we deliver. ROI’s client relationships last an average of more than seven years; several clients have been with us since the day we opened our doors in 1996 and others who have been with us more than a decade. 

And that’s how to truly measure how well we do what we do — by the companies we keep.