Debby got her start in advertising with Mid-Atlantic Coca-Cola’s in-house ad agency in 1983. The agency handled major metro markets in Maryland, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania and Virginia. She not only worked in the media planning/buying capacity, but graduated into running all promotional activities with the crown jewel of Coke’s events being Hands Across America. Debby was in charge of the youth marketing effort and worked with Congressman Connie Mack of Florida to bring a group of students to the Washington metro area to participate in the festivities. 

Debby took her bubbly personality and headed west to Oklahoma to join All-American Bottling Company’s in-house ad agency. The company’s main brands were RC Cola, 7-UP, Dr. Pepper, Big Red and Orangina. Along with media planning/buying tasks, she flexed her creative muscle by including promotional copywriting and mascot duties to her resume. (Her first acting credit was as the 7-Up “spot”)

Later she returned to DC to work on several high profile accounts, such as Crown Books, Trak Auto, Papa John’s, TJ Maxx, Jim Koon’s Automotive, Arby’s and Consolidated Edison…aka Con Ed, working with ROI principal David Nellis. During this time, Debby was able to secure such sponsorships for her various clients with the New York Mets,  New York Giants , Washington Wizards, Washington  Capitals, Washington Redskins, and various socially conscious partnerships, such as breast cancer awareness, missing children and youth violence prevention.

After a long stint in consumer marketing, Debby was lured away to the world of political advertising. Political agencies in DC were tired of the cookie-cutter approach to advertising, so Debby brought a new way of reaching potential voters. Given her consumer background, she was adept in finding the best way to reach elusive audiences. Knowing that Debby has handled the diversity that she has – from retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to government agencies, defense contractors and presidential hopefuls. David brought her to ROI. Whether it’s via programming not normally used, the Internet, blogs or social media, Debby knows how to reach a client’s target audience and reduce spending waste.

Debby Garman

Senior Vice President, Media

Debby's Top 10

  • Washington Redskins and The Nationals
  • Fast cars
  • My son, Vinny
  • A great group of friends
  • Meandering conversations
  • Autumn along the C&O Canal
  • Weekend getaways
  • Riding with Danne on his bike
  • Politics and prose
  • Indian food