The Brand Behind The Brew

The ROI design team has many great opportunities throughout the year to flex our creative muscles. Our latest project for The DC Brewers’ Guild was no exception. 

The DC Brewers’ Guild has brought together all the DC craft brewers to unite and speak as one voice for the local brewing scene. ROI was “tapped” to create a new logo to symbolize the unified entity. The ROI team came up with several ideas combining iconic visual elements of our nation’s capital with beer iconography. 

Final Approved Design

In the end, The Guild selected a design inspired by a bottle cap shape reminiscent of a political campaign button. It features the Capitol building with a lineup of silhouetted beer bottles as columns, as a nod to DC’s rich architectural history.

Below is a series of sketches and preliminary concepts, showing the thought and creative process put into this exciting project.

Concepts & Design Process